Technology Team


Amy Berth

Chief Information Officer

Michael Piontkowski

District Technology Technician

Harry Smith

Computer Systems Technician

Abigail Leypoldt

Assistant Computer SystemsTechnician

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What we do

Welcome to the technology page!

The Technology Team in Penns Grove - Carneys Point Regional School District is responsible for making sure the technology is up and running throughout the 5 schools and the Administrative Building.  

These include:

  • Chromebooks in PreK to 12th Grades

  • Servers

  • Switches, Routers, Firewalls

  • Backup data

  • Printers / Copiers

  • Teacher Desktops and Laptops

  • Lab Computers for specialized programs

  • Digital Displays

  • Interactive Panels and projectors

  • Phones

  • Cameras

  • Door Access

  • Wireless/Wired Networks

Not only do we maintain physical equipment, but we also:

  • Keep kids safe with GoGuardian Web Filter for Chromebooks. 

  • Provide teachers with Professional Development with new technology

  • Maintain Google Workspace and Active Directory accounts

  • Maintain the website and Facebook page

  • Maintain Inventory of all Technology

  • Budget appropriately for new equipment using a 4-5 year standard refresh policy

  • Recycle obsolete equipment responsibly using certified recyclers

Technology Definition

Penns Grove - Carneys Point Regional School District uses technology in both its instructional program and in the administration of the District. Technology is defined as the hardware, software applications, and virtual environments used to perform tasks more efficiently and provide employees with ways to create things originally not possible. In education, the focus is on using the most appropriate technology and applications to support and supplement quality teaching and learning.