About Us

The Penns Grove-Carneys Point Regional School District is the center of learning and research for our students and staff. Through the support of the parents and residents of our communities, we have been able to provide a very positive learning environment for our students. Classrooms and libraries are the hub for research, information and communication received from around the world in a matter of seconds for our staff and students. Our district consists of one high school, one middle school and three elementary schools.

Our Mission

Building a School Community of Leaders and Achievers

Our Vision

Uniting school, family and community to create a successful future for all

Our Goals

Goal 1: School and Community

Collaborates with families and community partners to embody a culture of trust, transparency and mutual respect while improving communication among families and all stakeholders to bring unity, support and involvement in all aspects of the students' educational experiences.

Goal 2: Curriculum  and Instruction

Create a 21st century curriculum focusing on higher level thinking skills that uses data to differentiate the individual needs of our diverse learners through technology and project-based experiences.

Goal 3: Finance/Facilities

Create, maintain and update facilities to enhance safety, healthy and nurturing environments while being fiscally responsible and conducive to learning, instruction and student achievement.

Goal 4: Technology

Provide District-wide 21st century technology optimizing operations, teaching and learning while providing valuable educational experiences for all learners.

Goal 5: Students

Empower our students to become 21st century learners that are well-rounded, confident and self­ sufficient through instruction that is innovative, diverse and engaging in order for them to understand their role in community and society.