Special Services

Dr. Lynn M. Booth

Director of Special Services and Early Childhood

856-299-4250 x1124


Diana Morris

Supervisor of Early Childhood Education



Alondra Hansen-Liranzo

CST Secretary

856-299-4250 x1131


Kristi Gimpel

Supervisor of Special Services

856-299-4250 x6204


Dr. Dana Comstock, NJCSP, BCBA

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Case Manager

856-299-0576 x4522


Kristen Sanders, LDT-C

Kindergarten and OOD Case Manager

856-299-3230 x5019


Tyesha Scott, MSW 

9th and 10th Grade Case Manager

856-299-6300 x3243


April Staman, NJCSP

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Case Manager

856-299-0170 x6152


Katelyn Dilks, MSW

Preschool and SCSSD Case Manager

856-299-3230 x5118


Jodi Simpkins, LDTC

4th and 5th Grade Case Manager

856-299-1706 x2134


Kimberly Tursi, NJCSP

11th and 12th Grade Case Manager

856-299-6300 x3242


Penns Grove–Carneys Point Regional School District provides a wide variety of special education programs for students in grades Pre-K thru 12th grade, who require specialized instruction and/ or related services such as speech/language services, occupational therapy, and physical therapy in order to meet their educational needs. Some of our educational program options include: instruction in a general education classroom with necessary and appropriate supports, supplemental instruction, resource center programs, in-class resource programming, and self- contained placements.

Penns Grove- Carneys Point’s Child Study Team provides a school based mechanism to enable school personnel to meet the needs of individual children within the school who are having difficulty in the educational setting. Our team is child-centered and facilitates a process that results in the implementation of modifications, accommodations, services, and interventions that will enable the child to be successful in school. The options to be considered exist along a continuum of support, ranging from mild accommodations to intensive interventions.