School Based Youth Services

Herb Woodard, BA, MA

Program Director

856-299-6300 x3303

Angelia Kelly

Administrative Assistant

856-299-6300 x3301

Lauren Kiger BS, MS

Mental Health Counselor

856-299-6300 x3302

Viancy Morales, BA

Youth Development Specilist

856-299-6300 x3304


Penns Grove High School (PGHS) was awarded through the State of NJ Dept. Of Children and Families in March of 2015; the School Based Youth Services (SBYSP) grant-funded program.

The SBYSP is an invaluable resource for the Students and Families of PGHS and their community.  The NJ SBYSP Network of Schools that benefit from the program can be found in approximately 92 Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and/or High Schools. School-Based is new to PGHS but other School-Based programs in NJ have over 25 years of experience.

Our SBYSP student members involve all students; from students who are on the Honor Role to At-Risk students; our goal is to support each and every student on an individual basis (and as needed their families) enrolled in the school to navigate their adolescent years, finish their education, obtain skills leading to employment or continuing education and graduate healthy and drug-free.

Together with PG-CP Regional School District; The SBYSP’s Trained Professional Staff goes above and beyond to build empathy and inspire a school-wide movement of compassion and positive change.  The SBYSP Staff addresses issues through a combination of Mental and Healthy Youth Development Services that are available to all students at no cost including Individual/Group Counseling Services, Non-Clinical Individual/Group Services, and Preventative Health Services.  These services consist of but are not limited to Academic Support, Anger Management, Bullying, Crisis Intervention/Counseling, Depression, Employment Readiness, Grief and Loss, Health & Wellness, Negative Judgements, Nutrition Education, Pregnancy Prevention, Racism, Recreation/Fun, Relationship Management, Social Skills, Sexism, Stereotypes, Substance Use Prevention, Suicide Prevention, Violence Prevention, etc.  

The SBYSP offers students many additional opportunities such as but not limited to joining the Food Bank of South Jersey Cooking/Baking Classes which teach students and their families about Nutrition and how to cook and bake healthy meals and snacks; these classes have been very well attended for the past three years,  School Based offers College Tours to Community Colleges and Universities, Educational/ Recreational Field Trips to places such as Washington, DC, the Franklin Institute, Baltimore Inner Harbor National Aquarium, etc.     

If your child would like to become a member of the SBYSP please log onto the PG-CP RSD Website and select under the “Parent Portal” header the “SBYSP Link” and choose “Consent Form”; after completing the Consent Form you can either email or have your child hand the Consent Form into Classroom #33.   If you would like to refer a student to the SBYSP please select under the SBYSP Link “Referral Form” and again email this completed Reference Form to the SBYSP and the School-Based Director will follow up with the request immediately!!