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                                                REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS

The following attached forms are for all new student registrations.  These forms are to be printed, 
completed, and an appointment must be made in order to submit them to Mrs. Jones, Central 
Registration Secretary. The forms include:

1.    Student Registration Application : Everyone must complete this form. Only parents or legal 
guardians can register a student for school. You, (the legal guardian) will need to provide a 
driver's license and the student's original birth certificate. Please bring custody/divorce 
documents, if applicable.

2.    Records Release Form : Everyone must complete this form.

3.    Enrollment Residency Questionnaire : Everyone must complete this form. Please complete the 
section that applies to you. You, (the legal guardian) or the person whom you are residing with 
will need to provide proof of address showing residency within our District.

4.    Reasons for Leaving Last Permanent Residence : Everyone must complete this form.

5.    Student Services Questionnaire Everyone must complete this form.

6.    Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Notification Student Attendance, Enrollment/Registration, and 
Transfer/Withdrawal Requirements
Everyone must complete this form.

7.    Medicaid Annual Notification Regarding Parental Consent Everyone is to complete this form.

8.    Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI) Parental Consent Form Only to be completed if 
your child receives special services.

9.    Physical Examination : Everyone must complete this form. The student does not have to have the 
physical completed prior to making an appointment, but it is still required.

10. Transportation Information Form : Only available for PREK-K students.

*If your student has an IEP, please let us know as soon as possible, as we will need to schedule a

meeting for you with the Child Study Team.

              STEP 1 : Complete Registration documents and Email to .

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      STEP 2 : Click HERE to start the Pre-Online Registration and schedule an enrollment appointment